Yoga with Beth

Yoga with Beth

Welcome to Yoga with Beth! I teach fun and friendly yoga classes in the Cotswolds. If you want to strengthen your body and relax your mind then this is the place for you.

About Me

I’ve been enjoying yoga for over ten years and through various phases of my life; I first came to it when I needed to train my body for a 100km challenge event, but it stayed with me as I moved house, jobs, and became pregnant with my first child. I found that yoga not only strengthened my body but helped to still my busy mind. And it’s stayed with me as a busy mum to two busy children; yoga gives us a toolkit to relax, be mindful, and cope with whatever life brings. For me, yoga feels good for the body and for the mind – and I’d love to share that with you.

I’m now a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, qualifying in February 2020 with a passion for making yoga fun and accessible to everyone – exercise that you want to do! I love exploring the postures, fitting them together in sequences, and finding focus through our breathing.

PS: Are you a parent of young children? Why should grown ups have all the fun? Check out my kids yoga classes at

What kind of yoga?

Each class will work on stretching and strengthening our bodies through a range of poses and movements based on Hatha yoga. What ties everything together is the breath; this guides our bodies to find each yoga pose, relax once we are in the posture or movement, and allows our minds to find stillness and peace. At the end of each class we enjoy a short guided relaxation and period of rest.


I teach a few classes a week in the lovely Oxfordshire villages of Milton-under-Wychwood and Shipton-under-Wychwood. The village halls are nice and spacious, allowing us the room to stretch out our limbs, strengthen our muscles, and finally relax and breathe.

Classes take place at Milton-under-Wychwood Village Hall during Oxfordshire term-times on the following days:

  • Mondays at 8.00pm–9.00pm
  • Tuesdays at 9.30am–10.30am
  • Wednesdays at 9.30am–10.30am

Classes take place at Shipton-under-Wychwood hall (called New Beaconsfield Hall) during Oxfordshire term-times on the following days:

  • Wednesdays at 7pm–8pm

Classes must be booked in so that we can ensure full social distancing within the halls and between our mats.

What to bring

For yoga class, it’s important to be comfortable, so wear clothing that allows you to move and breathe, whether that’s leggings or jogging bottoms, tight-fitting tops or hoodies. Bring a yoga mat and a bottle of water. Be prepared to take your socks off! Here’s the best bit: bring a blanket so that we can relax at the end after all the hard (but fun) work! Please note I am not currently lending equipment, but get in touch if you’d like recommendations for good, inexpensive kit.

Newcomers to my classes

Please note that all new students are required to complete a Physical Activity Readiness questionnaire, so do arrive 10 minutes early at your first class so that I can give you a warm welcome, we can have a chat, and make sure you’re comfortable.


To book a class with me please get in touch using the contact form below, and we can get started on your yoga journey, and have some fun!