Yoga with Beth

For me, yoga feels great, body and soul. As well as beautiful movements to stretch and strengthen the body, yoga gives us a toolkit to relax, be mindful, and cope with whatever life brings.

My classes are fun and fresh, they change every week whilst building our strength and mobility, and we always make time to breathe and relax. The classes are full of lovely friendly people, and I’m delighted to lead them in our movements each week. Come and join us!

When I’m not teaching yoga, attending yoga classes, or doing my own yoga practice… I’m enjoying being Mum to two children, walking my dog, drinking tea, and dreaming of cinnamon buns.

What kind of yoga?

I have a passion for making yoga fun and accessible to everyone — exercise that you want to do! I love exploring the postures, fitting them together in sequences, and finding focus through our breathing. I use themes to tie our sessions together, so get in touch to find out the current topic. You may be (pleasantly) surprised!